swixteen  0.03
Switch a lamp on/off with X10 RF commands
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The swixteen documentation


What is swixteen?

swixteen is a application for sending X10 RF codes with
the raspberry pi and a simple of the shelf 434 MHz transmitter
it written from scratch in c, inspired by some examples from around the net.
It uses the sysfs interface to interact with the transmitter.

What can you do with swixteen?

Why swixteen?

I could not find existing software for sending X10 RF codes with a pi and a cheap RF Transmitter.

What is used?

I bought my RF Transmitter at:
RF Transmitter - 434MHz
4800bps 434MHz RF Transmitter
Artikelnummer 45789662
For other types of remote controlled lights, you can use the software at:

Old Elro receivers

although not an X10 receiver, the old Elro receivers work with a 434MHz signal.
And getting them to work was a fun thing to do.


Download the source at http://x10.kapitein.org/swixteen.tgz
and do the usual ./configure && make dance.


Special commands like All Lights On are not implemented yet.


well documented patches are highly appreciated, as are comments on both
functionality and programming skills. ( i am not a skilled c programmer...)
please send them to ed AT kapitein DOT org.